The Gewers Pudewill architectural office in Berlin represents dynamics, design and sustainability.

Meanwhile established among the greats in the business, their award-winning work inspires experts and users alike. The architecture expresses openness, flexibility and the interconnection between indoor and outdoor spaces. This is complemented by a dynamic design with a minimalist touch as well as a sensitivity to materials and attention to detail.
Architectural office GEWERS PUDEWILL in Berlin - Kreuzberg

“Each project is a new challenge that develops a balance between fulfilment of the task at hand and the quest for sensual appeal.”

– Georg Gewers

“With this house i associate history.”

Interview with Georg Gewers, Gewers Pudewill


Good architecture takes time


You are involved in projects around the globe, but choose to live in Berlin: what do you love about the city?

I love Berlin’s diversity, size and openness. The juxtaposition of contrasts: rugged alongside smooth, loud alongside quiet. These fissures and contrasts present a blend that can seldom be found in this form elsewhere.


How would you describe southern Friedrichstadt, the district where NeuHouse is being built?

The district is currently evolving at a tremendous pace – from a tranquil and unassuming area to an utterly fascinating and vibrant city district. This is above all due to the countless museums and galleries: the district will undoubtedly be unrecognisable in just five years’ time – and one of the most exciting in Berlin.

Georg Gewers

Georg Gewers

Georg Gewers


Henry Pudewill

Henry Pudewill

What are the key characteristics of NeuHouse?

The ensemble comprising a historic building combined with a new structure stands for the very contrasts that make Berlin so interesting: the fusion of tradition and modernity, old and new. The architecture’s contemporary element is its positioning in the urban setting and cuboid design. In contrast, the material used – classic brick – is more traditional, though we have given it a very modern edge. What’s more, the buildings comprise an interesting and colourful mix of apartment types, which in turn lend the project a very special character.


What are the property’s most striking features?

The interaction with the urban space – and specifically the former flower market – along with the materials used. The rounded outline of the new building and avoidance of hard edges not only infuse dynamism into the façade, but also allows it to function like a skin that has been drawn over the structure. The materials used accentuate this impression: wood and light stone create a homogeneous framework that follows the building’s flowing contours.


You skilfully combine traditional and contemporary elements in NeuHouse: how do you strike the perfect balance in a project like this?

The location must be studied carefully, for the building was designed specifically for this location – and no other. Good architecture takes time. But if you do have time and manage to allow sufficient space for all aspects, then a successful balance can be achieved. You can always tell the buildings where the plans have simply been pulled from a drawer and the building merely built to plan. To emphasise the contrasts like we have succeeded in doing with NeuHouse can of course only be achieved in an evolving context and not on a greenfield site.


What should the future inhabitants of the ensemble feel when they open their front door?

Both openness and familiar comfort! The apartments interact with the city – and despite the prominent location, no one is on display. The future inhabitants should also sense the special value of their new home that connects location, architecture and views over Berlin.


In addition to countless prizes and awards conferred to Gewers Pudewill:
Redevelopment and modernisation of Berlin’s Admiralspalast
Construction of BSH Berlin-Mitte
Residential building on Linienstrasse in Berlin-Mitte
Master plan for the berlinbiotechpark
Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technology and Systems (IKTS)
Headquarters of the Mercedes-Benz German sales organisation
Headquarters of Marquard & Bahls AG in Hamburg